Established: December 23, 1833

Area: Exact square, contains 16 townships or 576 square miles.

Population: 23,153 (2015)
County Seat: Carthage

Other Municipalities:

Walnut Grove
Sebastopol (both in Scott & Leake Counties)

Largest Employers:
Tyson Foods
Leake County School District


Leake County is located in the geographic center of the State of Mississippi. The county is the only square-shaped county in the state at exactly 24 miles square. From territory obtained by the final cession of the Choctaw Indians under the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek, Leake County was established on December 23, 1833. The county was named for Walter Leake who served as Governor from 1822 to 1825.

Leake County is the home of Governor Ross R. Barnett, Governor from 1960 to 1964. Carthage was established as the county seat on July 31, 1834. The 40 acre tract for the town was deeded by Thomas S Harris and his wife Matilda. The selection of the name “Carthage” was influenced by settlers who had moved from Carthage, Smith County, Tennessee. The state legislature approved on May 12, 1837, the incorporation of the town of Carthage. The first courthouse was a log structure built in 1836. Construction of the second courthouse which was brick began in 1845. The third courthouse which stands today was erected in 1910.

The first settlements were mostly made on the Old Robinson Road named for the man who was under contract from Congress to build this road from Columbus to Jackson. Robinson Road construction began in 1821 and it became a great thoroughfare for travel. Hayesville, named for William Hays, on Robinson Road became a flourishing place but does not exist today.

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